Does your drain overflow? Or does water from your Sink take more time to drain than usual? Or are you struggling with the unpleasant smell from the drains? These are the signs of clogged drains. If you want to eliminate this problem, you landed on the right page. Here, you will find expert tips for Effective Drains Cleaning. 

Clogged drains are the most common problem people face, making life difficult. It affects daily activities, which include cooking, cleaning, and personal hygiene. It also leads to many other issues like foul odour, water damage, and bacterial growth. 

It requires expensive repairs if left unattended, as clogging can cause damage to pipes, so in that case, it needs a very costly replacement. If we immediately clean the clogged drains, it can lead to a functional plumbing system that makes life healthy and peaceful. 

The issue of clogged drains can be resolved with DIY methods if we take action on time, while persistent blockages may need the expertise of professional drain cleaning services. 

This article will give you some expert tips for effective drain cleaning to say goodbye to clogs. So remember to read it till the end to know the secret of Clogged drain cleaning with exciting and convenient DIYs. 

What causes Clogged Drains: 

Before we move to tips for effective drain cleaning, let us first discuss what causes the blockage or clogging of drains. Here are some things that cause the blockage of drains. 

  • Hair and soap scum 
  • Grease like Cooking oils  
  • Sewer line issues  
  • Toiletries 
  • Food waste 
  • Roots of tree 
  • Lack of regular maintenance 

Tips for effective Drain Cleaning:  

Use Boiling Water: 

If you want to clean the clogged drains, pouring boiling water into pipes will work effectively. Running a large pot of boiling water into a blocked drain will clear it out quickly and easily. This alone can frequently free up or remove the obstruction without the need for more extreme procedures. 

It would be best to use only metal or ceramic pipes for this procedure because PVC joints may become loose due to the heat. If you have PVC pipes, use hot tap water rather than boiling water.

Although solid obstructions are unlikely to be cleared with this procedure, they will only clear grease or food waste. So, this method is effective for food waste and oil. 

Use Baking Soda and Vinegar

If the waste stuck in the drains is stubborn, you can mix baking soda and vinegar. This is one of the most effective clogged home remedies. 

Pour this mixture into your drain and wait for 1 to 2 hours; after that, you can pour boiling water into your drain, and it will clear the clogged drain.   

Use Chemical Cleaners: 

Many chemical drain cleaners in the market can clear the blockages, and you can easily purchase them from local hardware stores. However, as they can damage pipes and present health hazards, it is advisable to use these items cautiously. 

When using chemical cleaners, always wear gloves and be very careful, as it will cause severe damage to your skin if exposed. After using chemical cleaners, flush your pipes with water to remove any residue. 

Additionally, they might only work well against some clogs like solids, and their frequent use might result in more severe plumbing problems. 

Use a Wire: 

Sometimes, going directly to the source of a blocked washbasin drain is the best course of action. It’s better to merely grasp any hair or other hard material stuck in the pipes. Because it is robust, long, and slim enough to fit into the drain, a wire hanger is the ideal tool. 

Stretching the hanger to fit into the drain requires unhooking the clasps around its curved portion. However, leave the curved part alone. 

Use the hanger’s hook section to remove debris or other things clogging the drain. 

Use a Plunger: 

Using a plunger is the best option if you have a blocked toilet caused by drained toilet paper. The plunger is one of the most effective things to remove the clog, and this method works best on solid clogs. Plunge the drain while doing so. 

For Sink: If it’s a sink, cover the overflow hole with a finger or a wet cloth (usually at the edge of the Sink). 

Additionally, add some water to the washbasin. Pushing water through the drain requires a slow downward pressure on the plunger’s handle. Until the washbasin is transparent, open the overflow opening, let the plunger rise again, and then close it. 

For Toilets, you don’t have to worry about holding your hands over a hole inside the bowl because toilets don’t have overflow drains. Before inserting the plunger into the bathroom, make sure the toilet flange is pulled out of the bottom of the device.

Hold the plunger at an angle to get the most water into the bell. After that, start plunging the toilet drain with the plunger. After every few plunges, pause to refuel the plunger bell, then resume. Hopefully, this will clear the drain and force the blockage through the toilet. 

Plunging is one of the finest ways to unclog a blocked drain since it always works. 

Use a plastic snake drain: 

There is a significant possibility that the dish soap or baking soda mixture had no effect if the plunger could not clear the blockage. It could be required to snake the drain in this situation. 

For sinks, use a plastic drain snake. These snakes have several barbs and are narrow, flat, and stretchy. Feed the snake down the drain a few inches at a time before bringing it back out and cleaning it. Continue until the entire snake can be inserted into the gutter. To check if the drain is clear, run the water. 


For toilets, we use toilet snakes, also known as closet auger. These long-handled objects slide into a toilet drain, and while turning the handle, the user pushes the snake through the toilet. This can clear almost all the clogs within the bathroom. 


Trust the FOG CONTROL SOLUTION Experts: 

We have informed you about the effective drain cleaning ways you can do it yourself. However, some clogs are stubborn and require a professional drain cleaning. 

You don’t need to worry about anything. Our experts are here to help you. We provide professional drain cleaning services with our advanced techniques and tools. 

We will clean your drains and make your homes clean and hygienic.